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Senior Citizen Discounts for  New York City Attractions

Senior Citizen Discounts for  New York City Attractions
Top attractions discounts for Seniors in NYC

New York City is filled with many different attractions. With so much to do, Seniors seeking attractions which offer discounts can help save money and diversify your experience in many ways.

Here are the top 6 attractions which offer Senior Discounts:

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

The admission here is discounted to 12 dollars for admissions, compared to 18 dollars which is the regular admission fee.  That’s over a 33 percent discount!


Here’s a great  discount you don’t want to miss. For Seniors 65+ ( regular full price $ 25)  and Senior $18. That’s a 28 percent discount!

Carnegie Hall Tours

Seniors 62+ pay $16 (regular full-price adult admission is $20). That’s a 20 percent discount!

Manhattan by Sail

Sailing ship cruises along the  New York Harbor.  Discounted seniors general admission (65+)  for Daytime Sail is 38 dollars; (Regular full-price is $45).  The sunset sail is 44 dollars (compared to regular adult full-price of $55). The Daytime Sail for Seniors is a  15 percent discount!  Please note admission for U.S. Military and Veterans is Free! The sunset sail on the other hand comes out to a 20 percent discount!

Central Park Zoo

General admission for Seniors 65+ is $16.95. (Regular full-price adult general admission is $19.95). That’s a 15 percent discount!

Bronx Zoo

Discounted Seniors general admission (65+) is $36.95 at the gate.  (Regular full-price is $41.95). This includes Dinosaur Safari, unlimited rides and attractions. That’s close to a 12 percent discount!

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