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Guide to Section 8 Housing 4 Key Things You Should Know

Guide to Section 8 Housing 4 Key Things You Should Know

The Section 8 Housing program helps individuals with low income  to rent housing in the private housing market and help provide rental and homeownership assistance.

  1. Seeking information about your local Section 8 program:

When seeking information about the Section 8 program, it is important to review all your sources before attempting to apply somewhere, whether its online or through a link. The best way to apply as detailed in this article is to find your local HUD office and contact them directly. Here is the latest information and updates from NYC.gov., if you are local to New York. Please keep in mind that you must meet certain eligibility requirements.

2. Check Eligibility requirements for your local Section 8 Housing

To qualify for Section 8 Housing, certain income limits determined by family size have to be met. The program guidelines are set by HUD each year and they look at income level, citizenship status, student status and more.

  • Income must meet requirements set forth by criteria
  • The definition of family is set by HUD and a household must meet the requirement
  • US Citizenship and accepted immigration status is reviewed.

Reviewing your resources is essential in receiving the right information about your section 8 program. Here are a list of reliable links to access for Section 8 Housing.

3. Double check your program resources

Section 8 Housing program resources and reliable links:

4. How do you apply for Section 8 Housing?

To apply for the Section 8 Housing program, you must contact your local PHA. If the program is still open, and if your application is accepted, they will put you on the waiting list. Check here to find your local HUD office to contact: HUD office

In summary,

When applying for the Section 8 Program, check in with your local office. Review the eligibility requirements and give your local office a call. Be careful, there are a lot of scammers out there, keep your information safe, and work with reliable resources.

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