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Did You Apply For Your Stimulus Check? Easy Instructions

Did You Apply For Your Stimulus Check? Easy Instructions
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I got a call today from one of my friends who couldn’t pay for his car insurance

He was out of work and is supporting his child in the Caribbean. I know another 3 people who were effected by Covid-19, who may qualify for the stimulus, but never took the initiative to apply. Either they didn’t have the resources, couldn’t use a computer, or didn’t receive proper guidance. Some people didn’t even make an attempt to apply, because the site is not ADA compliant. Whatever the situation is, I know it’s a hard time for all of us. Washington is already working in a second round of stimulus checks.

Simple instructions to help you apply

If you haven’t yet received your check, or need to apply – I put together some simple instructions you can follow. Use the FIRST link:• If you file taxes. Use the first link to: – Check your payment status – Confirm your payment type: direct deposit or by mail? – Enter your bank account information for direct deposit. Use SECOND link if:• You don’t file taxes for 2018 or 2019• Your income is low, or less than 12,200 yearly, or less than 24,400 jointly• Have no income• Do not use this tool if you are required to file a2018 or 2019 tax return; you should file as you normally would.

* Link 1. Filers:

* Link 2. Nonfilers: hope this helps, because I know during this time, we can all use a little help 🙂.

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