Here’s What Pet Owners Should Know About Corona Virus

Here’s What Pet Owners Should Know About Corona Virus
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Here's something you should know about home pets and the Corona virus

The Hong Kong government released a report Friday describing a dog that tested “weakly” positive for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19

Local researchers collected oral, nasal and rectal samples from the dog for testing, but only the nasal and oral cavity samples came back positive for the virus. In addition, the dog has not shown any symptoms of being sick. It’s possible that the virus found its way into the dog’s mouth and nose through “environmental contamination” because the animal lives with someone who is infected, according to the report. The dog is currently being quarantined under veterinary surveillance while more tests are done.

In an document published by WSACA – Global Veterinary Community

they stated that there’s no evidence that domesticated animals can be infected or spread the virus. But on the other hand, they did mention that “this is a rapidly evolving situation and information will be updated as it becomes available.” To read further into the document, they stated “We don’t yet know if companion animals can get infected by SARS-Cov-2 or sick with COVID-19”.. Sounds really controversial if you ask me!

This is What The World Health Organization said recently

In an article posted in CNN, the World Health Organization claims that there is no evidence that pets such as cats or dogs can be infected with Coronavirus. That’s because while dogs can test positive for the virus, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have been infected. So how is it possible that a dog can test positive and not spread the virus at home? Are we missing the picture, or is the World Health Organization and the Global Veterinary Community trying time prevent pet owners from panicking?

Well I have a cat and a dog at home and a 3 year old. Can you guys just get the facts straight? This is really concerning, and the government and these organizations need to do a better job address this issue immediately.


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